Who is behind

cyberghost.one ?

Male, also ever sat in front of a computer, e.g. as a young adult in front of a C64.

Furthermore, I am a German citizen.
I am neither proud nor ashamed of that.

I happened to have the privilege of being born in a Western European country.

Now I use this privilege with all its possibilities to contribute to more peace, freedom, independence, justice, community and more for as many people as possible.

At the same time non-denominational, since already several decades ago left the Christian community out of conviction.

Nevertheless, I claim to think and act much more human every single day than those who pray the Lord's Prayer on Sundays to keep up appearances, but behave like human scum the rest of the week.

This applies transferred to all religions and faiths, as well as to war and terror drivers, etc. !!!

Of course, this does not address the people who actually think and act humanly !!!


Anyone who appreciates peace, freedom, independence, justice, community and similar values will find them here:


Moreover, these values merge with current and future technologies.

Thus, trusting.one represents a unique global platform, which in size and power eclipses everything that has gone before, if people want it and fill it with life.

I am who I am...